Dual-camera has quietly become the de-facto standard for the smart phone. And dual camera equipped with OIS feature has truly become the hot topic . In MWC exhibition this year, AP Photonics Limited (APP) has demonstrated a variety of OIS technology products including large angle OIS, high frequency mobile video anti-shake products which has gained the attention.

At present, there are challenges to achieve optical image stabilization in the dual-camera phone. Dual camera modules use two cameras to capture of the light signal separately. In order to synthesize a clear image, it requires two cameras to strictly maintain synchronization. There is a complicated component in the middle of the two camera module to calculate and provide a very accurate error controls. The APP OIS solution can solve this problem in dual-camera module.

The latest adaption of our OIS technology can be found in the Infinix mobile phone, the flagship line from a Shanghai-based phone company Transsion. In the video image stabilization site comparison, it is shown that the APP's OIS technology outperforms other international tier-1 brand in the head to head comparison. In 2016, Transsion has sold more than 80KK units in Africa and Latin America . At present, APP is working with Transsion to improve the video quality in their flagship handsets.

With the growth of video image demand, OIS technology outlook is bright.


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