Management Team

The Management Team of APP consists of experts in Marketing, Operation Management, Manufacturing and Research & Development that have high education background and extensive experience gained through working in Multinational Companies.
The team consists of a Scientist, 5 Doctors, 22 Masters and vast majority of the rest possess a Bachelor Degree.
APP has one of the best team in the world in High Precision Measuring and advanced metrology solutions.


Hong Kong R&D Center

210A Photonics Center, 2 Science Park East Avenue, Hong Kong Science Park, ShaTin, Hong Kong

Feng Gang Factory

4-5/F, A Building, Shen Lian Indusrial Zone, Feng Gang, Dong Guan City, PRC

Long Gang Factory

3-4/F, A3 Building, Jiu Jiu Tong Xin INdustrial Zone, Tong Le, ShenZhen Chity, PRC