APP OIS Large Angle Module

•Dual-axes actuators to control the tilting of the entire Fixed-focus(FF) CCM using gyroscope signal

•Flexible - Wide selection of various FF module for different resolution, viewing angle and optical characteristics

•Large Angle OIS


APP OIS Large Angle Module Structure

Operation:  Advantages 
  • The two actuators (X & Y) are aligned diagonally to each other
  • Each actuator tilts the camera module along the X/Y direction
  • The on board OIS controller reads the gyroscope to precisely control the tilting for optimal OIS effect
  • Easy to adapt to different FF CCMs
  • Reliable
  • Low-power consumption
  • Large OIS compensation angles can be realized (>= +/-5 deg)
  • Easy to adapt to different FF CCMs
  • Small form factor
  • High CP value
Module Structure
Module Block Diagram


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